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Follow Manuela and Daniela in their dream to change their country, Italy, we will organize a lot of projections in Italy and abroad, thanks to Movieday. Find the one more close to your city and discover the special guests, if the Director will be present and join! Below the list. If you cant’t find it you can always organize one! Discover how easy it is thanks to Movieday.


Discover the special events scheduled in other spaces and join. Otherwise, plan a screening in your space, click here.

Domenica 15 dicembre 2019 | San Gimignano


Sabato 7 dicembre 2019 | Fabbrica delle candele – Forlì

Sabato 9 novembre 2019 | Modena – Cinema Astra

Mercoledì 3 luglio 2019 | TorinoCineTeatro Baretti | Anteprima a Torino di I Had a Dream

Mercoledì 12 giugno 2019 | Bologna – Cinema Lumière | Anteprima Italiana “I Had a Dream” (Avevo un sogno)