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Manuela and Daniela dream to change their country, Italy, and make of it a non-corrupt and women-friendly country, but meet the harsh reality. From the feminist fights against Berlusconi to the last elections of 2018, the film explores the last ten years of Italy through the political action and the everyday life of two compelling protagonists, witnessing the weakness of democracy and rise of populism.

Supported only by their deep friendship and political passion, Manuela, Deputy of the Parliament, and Daniela, active on a local level, face the Italian women-non-friendly political environment and witness a change that they would have never expected: the “death of politics” and the rise of populism. Torn between the sense of duty and the desire to quit politics, Manuela and Daniela go through the main events of their political adventure to try to make sense of it, questioning themselves about the future of Europe and depicting a Country, whose democratic system is getting weaker and weaker. Their refreshing humor and spontaneity cast unexpected lightness and hope on the dark times faced by Italy.


Locandina del film I had a dream di Claudia Tosi


A co-production by Movimenta and Cosmographe Productions and France Télévision

Producers: Claudia Tosi and Nathalie Combe

Camera: Claudia Tosi

Additional footage: Andrea Gioacchini

Editing: Marco Duretti

Sound: Diego Schiavo

Italian post-production: Zenit Arti-Audiovisive

Color Grading: Paolo Rapalino

Editing supervisors: Menno Boerema, Iikka Vehkalahti for Rough Cut Service

French post-production: France Télévision, Toulouse

Post-production coordinator: Alain Bonnet

Manager Video post-production: Fabrice Audouin

Sound editing and mix: Jean-Marc Dussardier

Color grading: Saul Mêmeteau

In collaboration with France Télévisions, France 3 Corse ViaStella

Channels director: Philippe Martinetti

Editorial coordination: Vanina Susini

Co-production manager: Corine Rovina

Manager of documentary department: Emmanuel Migeot

Commissioning editor: Florence Jammot

English translation: Barbara Fisher



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